Attractions by Provinces

What inspires you to take a trip to China? Is it the ever man-made wonder – Great Wall of China, incredible underground site of Terra-cotta Warriors, or the picturesque landscape in Guilin? But everybody who has been to China knows this great country has far more than these.

China is so vast and diverse. The western China is the wildest region where you can see the highest mountain – Mount Everest, pure Namtso Lake, wild forests, most beautiful waterscape – Jiuzhaigou Valley, etc. Well the middle and eastern area of China is featured in fabulous mountains (Huangshan, Mount Tai, Mount Hua, etc.), hills and river landscape, stunning gorges of Yangtze River, peaceful countryside and fancy terraces in Guilin, etc. While, the essence of China is the profound Chinese culture. There are 38 World Cultural Heritage Sites in China, including the world famous Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terra-cotta Warriors, Mogao Caves, Potala Palaces, etc. Water towns, ancient towns, ancient city, traditional gardens, royal palaces, museums, ethnic villages…there are much more to explore.