Fort Carnot in Huay Xai, Bokeo Province

French-built, high-walled and occupied by Lao troops. A top adjacent hill and is clearly visible from the opposite side of the Mekong river, Chiang Kong, Thailand. It is off limits to all visitors.

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There wasn’t much military action in this area and even at its peak, there were only a few French officers and 30 Lao and Vietnamese soldiers stationed here. After Laos gained independence in 1954, the Royal Lao Army and then the Lao Army took over, using the building as accommodation.

Though Fort Carnot is the best-preserved colonial military building in Laos – many of the others in Laos have been destroyed – the structure is crumbling, with large trees taking over the walls. In itself, there isn’t much to see but the climb up is a good way to get some exercise and a view.