Nam Kat Waterfall in Oudomxay, Laos

When traveling to Oudomxay, there is a place that you should not miss, it is Nam Kat Waterfall. Nam Kat Waterfall is one of the most spectacular and impressive waterfall in Xieng Khuoang.

Nam Kat waterfall is in Ban Faen Village, Xay District, Oudomxay Province. From Ban Faen village, you may follow a local guide, about 23 kilometers away from Xay town. You can choose the more simple way is by following the stream, where you can admire a broad range of brilliant fish. Additionally, there is a more arduous path is by going through Phou Pha Daeng Mountain.

In Nam Kat waterfall, there is a lot of big trees that are hidden in the forest. Furthermore, there are numerous plants as well as species and big stones.

For those looking for a hike, your guide can lead you along a good 13 kilometre track that follows the stream. The most strenuous yet rewarding route is a climb over Phou Pha Daeng (“red cliff”) Mountain. The total distance covered is 13.5 kilometres, including a 500 metre climb that affords you a stunning view of the valley; your sweaty efforts make the waterfall all the more plunge-worthy. Do note that the Phou Pha Daeng trek is not possible during rainy season. Whatever way you choose, a 20 metre high series of cascades await you.

The journey to Ban Faen is a pretty but bumpy one. You can make your own way to the village and try to hire a guide on the spot. Better yet, organise it in advance through the Provincial Tourism Office to ensure there is someone available – village life is busy and often people are away working on their farm or in the forest. The organised trip will also include a local lunch and transport to/from Udomxai. Most importantly, hiring a local guide and buying some of their bamboo handicraft supports the community who have been the traditional custodians of the falls.

Coming to Nam Kat waterfall, You also need to make sure you are safe. You should take part in a group, organized, and should prepare some necessary personal items, in case of climbing. Additionally, you should bring a bamboo stick to assist you during the traveling process.