Nam Xam National Biodiversity Conservation Area in Laos

Location: Houapahn. 1,734 sq km
Ecotourism Activities Available: None yet
Key Species: Tiger, muntjac and guar. Numerous gibbon species, small elephant population, marbled cat, high densities of grey peacock pheasant, Blyth’s kingfisher, and beautiful nuthatch. Two bird species not recorded in any other NPA are brown-throated tree-creeper and yellow-bellied weasel.
Habitat: Steep hills ranging from 350 m – 1809 m close to the Vietnamese border, comprising much of the upper catchments of the Nam Xam and the Nam Niam Rivers. Some 40% of the area is above 1,000 m and several summits exceed 1,500 m. Forest is mainly mixed deciduous to semi-evergreen in character, but valley bottoms and lower hills are dominated by permanent and shifting cultivation, and there are large secondary growth areas of scrub and bamboo.
Access: Difficult access on a rudimentary track from the Viengxai-Vietnamese border road, which heads south directly through the centre of the NPA.