Oudomxay Provincial Museum

The oudomxay museum has a collection of all the minorities of oudomxay. On the top floor there is a small collection of the war. The best past pas the views from the balcony. Oudomxay Provincial Museum is very short walk from Santiphab Temple. It has a historical focus on the region with information relating to the distant past right up to the present.

There are three parts to exhibit inside. Part I is about the history of ethnic groups in the province, their culture and lifestyle. Part II is a collection of ancient artifacts and Part III talks about the general history of the province and its continuous development. The museum is open every weekday from 8 am to 4 pm. The entrance fee for foreigners is 5,000 kip while Lao citizens pay 3,000 kip. Students and officials can get free with appropriate identification.

The museum is located on top of phou sebey in Ban Cheng of Oudomxay town. The name of the mountain comes from the French army camp that was situated there. The French army called the mountain “CB” the French pronunciation of this abbreviation further on transferred into today’s lao name “Sebey”.

Fee: Lao people: 2,000 Kip
Foreigner: 5,000 Kip