River Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos

No doubt river tubing in Laos used to be one of the most popular things to do here and in Southeast Asia. That is what put the country on the banana pancake map aka the Southeast Asia backpacking trail. Your afternoons would be spent river tubing in Vang Vieng along the Nam Song River. You would stop off at the many bars and participate in questionable water activities. This was essentially the
“it” thing to do in South East Asia. Similar to how the Full Moon Paty in Koh Phagan is a must-visit these days.

Though nowadays it is no longer the same. There have been some serious incidents over the years and things eventually had to change. Oh, and if you have traveled South East Asia you can just imagine the seriousness of these situations to actually force the government to implement safety precautions.

Nevertheless, river tubing in Vang Vieng is still a thing. Though it may look a little different from those old articles you read online. But don’t worry that is why I am here. I have actually been river tubing in Laos twice, in two separate trips! Get ready to find out absolutely everything you need to know about river tubing in Vang Vieng including what’s it like now, the history, where to hire, costs, and routes!