Sekong Rive in Sekong Province

The Sekong River, which bisects the province flowing south into Cambodia is ideal for river trips. Local boatmen hire long-tail boats for scenic river journeys that follow the edge of the Bolaven Plateau down to Attapeu Province.  Occasionally, freshwater dolphins migrate up the Sekong right up to Sekong Town. The province is dotted with many cascading waterfalls. Tad Hia, Tad Faek and Tad Se Noi (or Tad Hua Khon) waterfalls are the most convenient to visit from town and offer opportunities for swimming, trekking and village visits. Another waterfall not to be missed is the Nam Tok Katamtok, which originates from the Huay Katam River deep in the jungles of the Bolaven Plateau.