Tad Faek waterfall in Sekong Province

Located in Sekong Province, Tad Faek is one of the recommended sights along the large Bolaven Plateau loop.Sala huts have been built up along the water’s edge, a shady place for relaxing and viewing the water pouring over a low rocky ledge. Tad Houa Khon, 2 km down the road, is a similar style of falls but is much wider.

Tubes are available for rent and there’s a small local restaurant selling drinks and food, available until all the staff promptly leave at 17:00. Tad Faek Waterfall Guesthouse has rustic bungalows should you want to stay the night.

The caged monkey and porcupine we saw in late 2016 did spoil the otherwise pleasant spot. And then there’s the small matter of the fish that supposedly have a penchant for penises. We’re not sure where this rumour started and if there is any truth to it, but another guidebook warns of a puffer fish pa pao that consider male parts a delicacy, bringing a whole new meaning to spearfishing. Perhaps just a local legend but if your fishing tackle does get bit, do let us know.

The turn off to Tad Faek is 14 km south of the provincial capital; 3 km on dirt road delivers you to the pretty set of falls.