Tad Hua Khon Waterfall in Sekong Province

Lying outside the eastern edge of the Bolaven Plateau in the Sekong river valley, Tad Houa Khon Waterfall, also known as Tad Se Noy Waterfall or Tad Se Noi Waterfall, is an oasis of forest and falls 17 kilometres south of Sekong.

Travelfish says:

There’s a small development at these falls with a boardwalk leading through the forest past streams and pleasant picnic areas before reaching the big falls.

Tad Houa Khon is a highly recommend stop on the so-called “large loop” from Pakse. Waters of the Xe Namnoy river rushes over a 100-metre wide rock ledge and there are several good swimming holes (and to our knowledge, there are no rumours of penis eating fish like at Tad Faek).

The Tourism Laos website explains that the name, which translates as “waterfall of the heads”, stems from World War II when Japanese soldiers decapitated Lao soldiers and threw their heads into the falls—a grim name for a beautiful spot, whether you are taking a break from the motorbike or are staying overnight. PS Garden offers camping with facilities such as tents, toilets, kayaks, restaurant and picnic spots.

The turn off for the falls is on Route 11, 3 km after the road for Tad Faek and just before the bridge over the Xe Namnoy river which forms the borderline here between Sekong and Attapeu province.