Tham Nam (Water Cave) in Vang Vieng, Laos

Tham Nam Water Cave is one of the most amazing natural highlights of Vang Vieng. It a river system running within the cave that is accessible by road, 15KM from Vang Vieng town. The water cave is managed by AK Home and one of the best local operators in Vang Vieng.

To get into the water cave, you will need to rent a tube which is included with the entrance fees or tour fees. Continous pull yourself within the water cave system through a system of ropes attached to the top of the cave. The water below you is knee to waist level and very safe if you fall over and could not swim well.

Once you reach the end of the rope system, it is towards the deeper areas where you will be required to swim. Head Lamps will be provided for everyone and it is an experience of a lifetime for families, friends and groups of people to enjoy the thrill of the unexplored.