That Phum Phuk in Luang Namtha, Laos

Although the original stupa was destroyed by a bomb blast during the Second Indochina War, the new replica next to it is worth a see. Plus, as it is on a hill, the view from up here is really nice.

That Phum Phuk stupas is next to Ban Thôngkang and is located in Loungnamtha, Laos.On a hill 3 kilometers west of the airport, this is a huge pagoda. Starting from the intersection in front of the pagoda, there are steps decorated with Naga snake sculptures. Go up the steps to reach the pagoda.

The Pompeo Buddha is not very far from the Lao airport, so we took a little time to arrive here when we were ready to go back. The Buddha is very beautiful and feels very solemn and sacred. If you believe in Buddhism, it is still worth recommending.