Come to Yunnan for a bird-watching tour

The news was updated on January 3, 2020.

Yunnan boasts a high level of biodiversity in China, with its bird-watching spots seen across the province in winter.

The Gaoligong Mountain in southwest Yunnan is home to 500 plus bird species, and the Baihualing area is a well-known destination for bird-watching.

Featuring sound ecology and complete fauna, the area attracts bird lovers all over the world. The blood pheasant, the grey-bellied tragopan, and the rufous-throated partridge are among the most-watched birds at Baihualing.

In Yunnan’s western county of Yingjiang that borders Myanmar, the “bird-watching economy” is booming in winter, and a total of 650 bird species have been recorded. Among them, hornbills are liked by local folks and bird-watching photographers alike.

Thanks to its mild climate, Yunnan is also a major habitat for migratory birds to spent winter, with red-billed gulls most visible in provincial capital of Kunming and black-necked cranes in northeastern city of Zhaotong.

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