Kunming / Hekou to Hanoi (Vietnam) Trains

Hekou Yao Autonomous Country is a small town in the south of Yunnan Province of China. It is also a border town linking Lao Cai in northern Vietnam. Hekou town is within walking distance of the border, and Lao Cai is just across the bridge. A comfortable and convenient way to Hekou from other cities in China is by train.

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Kunming – Hekou Train Schedule

Trains linking Kunming and Hekou terminated at Hekou North Station. This rail line started operating on December, 2014. There are four daily normal-speed trains heading to Hekou North from Kunming, including three daytime trains and an overnight train. Please see the schedules below:

Train Stations in Kunming and Hekou

There are three train stations in Kunming: Kunming Railway Station, Kunming South Railway Station and Kunming West Railway Station. All the trains from Kunming to Hekou depart from Kunming Railway Station (昆明火车站), which is located on Beijing Road in downtown.

Two train stations in Hekou are in service: Hekou South Railway Station and Hekou North Railway Station. Hekou North Railway Station (河口北站) is an important station connecting China and Vietnam.

From Hekou to Lai Cai, Vietnam

After arriving at Hekou North Station, you can either take a bus or taxi to Hekou Border Point. Then take a short walk across the bridge over the river to Lai Cai immigration building.

Border crossing in Hekou is from 08:00 to 23:00 (local time).

Border crossing in Lai Cai is from 07:00 to 22:00 (local time).