Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University

In Myanmar, Aeronautical Engineering Department was firstly established at Yangon Technological University (formerly Rangoon Institute of Technology) in 1991 and the first B.E. (Aeronautical) degree was offered in 1994. In 1997 Aeronautical Engineering Department was upgraded as Aerospace Engineering Department to study the aerospace technology more widely and effectively. In 1999, M.E. (Aerospace) post-graduate course was opened and so was Ph.D. (Aerospace) course in 2004.

Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University was established through promulgation of State Peace and Development Council Law No.2/2002 on February 15, 2002. The academic year for the first batch students was started on 1st August, 2002 and the second batch classes began on 2nd December, 2002. First year classes begin in early December every year. Only the students who pass the matriculation examination with high marks are eligible for this university. Since its opening, MAEU has been dedicated to conducting researches and teaching students to be technically and ethically ready for the 21st century.