1 Day Pakse Trekkiing Tour to Bolaven Plateau

Trek through the lush Bolaven jungles and coffee plantations, exploring waterfalls and ethnic villages. This trek gives you a great opportunity to see all of what Bolaven Plateau is famous for. Trek through lush forests and coffee plantations, exploring waterfalls and ethnic villages. Learn about the history and culture of these places and the people who live here, while exploring one of the most beautiful areas in Laos.

We leave Pakse and head to a small ethnic village, where we will start our trek. When we arrive in the village we will spend some time learning about the people who live here before we start out trek. We hike from the village to the rock formations of Xing Sai Limestones, where take a short break to explore. We then continue to the first waterfall of the day, where we enjoy our picnic lunch of Lao food.

After our waterfall picnic, we continue to trek to another two waterfalls, including the stunning Tad Fan. We will have a short break at both waterfalls before we trek to our finishing point where we will get picked up for our return to Pakse

.Approximately 5.5 hours of trekking

Expect a long day of walking on uneven and sometimes slippery ground.