3 Days Luang Prabang Trekking and Homestay Tour to Khmu and Hmong Villages

This adventure guides you deep into the mountains over three days, through jungle and rice paddies trekking to a homestay in remote Hmong and Khmu villages. You see mountains with rice fields clinging to steep peaks, it’s simply stunning. This is the tour that immerses you in the people and cultures of those who tend to these remote Laos landscapes. Get ready for adventure and step into the world of Laos mountain village tribes on this unforgettable trekking and homestay experience.

Day 01: Mountain Trek to Hmong Cultural Immersion Homestay (L, D)

7:30 AM our guide picks you up from your hotel and preparation and departure. Store your luggage with us and take only what you need to travel light. We’ll drive north along the Mekong and then the Nam Xeuang Rivers for about an hour and a half. Cross the river by local boat to the trailhead and trek straight into the jungle on trails that locals use daily as their only routes to and between these remote villages.

Trekking is 4-5 hours of medium-grade walking through rice paddies and jungle. Overnight in a welcoming Hmong village with basic, comfortable conditions to explore local and meet the locals. Dinner will be prepared by your guide and the local family.

Day 02: Valley trek and Homestay in a large, adjacent Khmu and Hmong Village (B, L, D)

Rise to the sounds and activities of daily Hmong hill-tribe life and breakfast prepared by your guide. Today is our shortest hike, 4 hours along valley streams to an amazingly remote and very large mixed Hmong and Khmu village situated in a valley surrounded by large mountains.

We’ll arrive in mid-afternoon and have more time to explore these expansive villages with schools, diverse activities, and children playing. Your guide will help you explore the villages and experience the local life. Enjoy your evening and relax for tomorrow’s mountain peak hike!

Day 03: Over the Mountain peak with spectacular views of the Nam Xeuang River (B, L)

Our biggest trek of three days, today we’ll hike 6-7 hours to mountain tops with panoramic views looking over the villages where you just stayed and down to the Nam Xeuang River where our trekking ends. We’ll be hiking the very trails that locals take to tend their steep mountain-top rice fields and visit a Hmong mountain village along the way. You can go for a well-deserved swim in the river at the trail’s end before our return trip of about 1.5 hours to Luang Prabang from this unforgettable adventure trip.

Note: these are remote villages and there is no electricity for charging camera batteries for the duration of the tour.

You may walk through streams on this tour. Please bring shoes that can get wet and sandals for when in the village.

Food on this tour is very basic as you are quite remote. This is a great opportunity to sample and experience the lifestyle including the food of mountain villages.