5 Days Luang Prabang Cycling Tour to Thailand Border

this is a compact, challenging ride through an intriguing part of Laos to the Luang Prabang Cycling To Thailand Border – Northern Thailand. We set off from Luang Prabang and ride our way through this amazingly green mountain range with small communities of Hmong and Khmu hill tribes dotted throughout. Very light traffic adds to the enjoyment and allows us to enjoy the downhills. This is sure to be a memorable trip across the most scenic mountain range in Southeast Asia, with views for miles, and some satisfying riding.

Day 1: LuangPrabang to Sayaboury

8:00 pick up from your hotel and we cycle from LuangPrabang head west on the direction to Thailand along the road to Sayaboury province and cross by bridge back to the right side of the Mekong River, lunch pack will be brought by our guide and we stop for lunch by the road when we are hungry, we reach the non-touristic town of Sayaboury province located on the Thai side. We stay overnight in a local guesthouse in a quiet small town. , Sayaboury was a province of the Siam (Thailand) colony from 1779, in 1904, the area of the province was ceded from Siam (Thailand) to the French Indochina colony. It is the only Laotian province that is complete to the west of the Mekong River, the province is quite mountainous. It has the largest concentration of elephants in Laos; it is home to Laos’ majority of domesticated Asian elephants. Approximately 75% of the nation’s 560 domesticated elephants work in Sayaboury. Their main work duties are within the logging industry, which causes a loss in both wild and domestic elephant habitats. The area is little patrolled, which makes the enforcement of conservation measures difficult. It is also home to the annual Elephant Festival. The province is rich in timber and is considered the rice basket of northern Laos.

Distance: 115 km

Meal: L, D

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Cycling distance: 115 km

Day 2: Sayaboury to Hongsa

After breakfast we start riding to Hongsa district, it is an of Sayaboury province, it is a non-touristic area, and strange for local people to see tourists are riding on bicycles for long distances but they are very friendly and we can stop for photos at the villages and talk to them. We stop for lunch by the road and keep riding the rest to our destination in the small town of Hongsa where we stay overnight.

Distance: 87 km

Meal: B, L, D

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Cycling distance: 80 km

Day 3: Hongsa to Xianghon

we cycle from our hotel and head west to the Thai border on a very good quality asphalt road. After a couple of hours of cycling in Laos, and some thirty kilometers of unmercifully steep gradients ahead of us we have a prudent start to the day with an early transfer in our support vehicle. With most of the day’s climbs.

Distance: 90 km

Cycling distance: 90 km

Meal: B, L, D

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Day 4: Xianghon to Huayxai

After breakfast at a local restaurant, we start riding from the guesthouse head north to the Thai border, we ride through non-touristic villages, after ascent and descent road we cross the Mekong River to the left side, and we keep riding to our destination at Huatsai

Distance: 120 km

Meal: B, L, D

Accommodation: hotel

Day 5: Cross to Thailand

After breakfast we transfer to the border checkpoint, after immigration formalities and say goodbye to the Lao team, meet our Thai guide and cross the Mekong River by shuttle on the friendship bridge to start our cycle in Thailand,

Distance: transfer

Meal: B

Accommodation: None

End of services