1 Day Luang Prabang Trekking Tour to Hmong & Khmu Villages

This tour is for fit travelers looking for a challenging trek featuring great scenery and visits to remote Hmong and Khmu hill-tribe villages. Meet local people knowing that you leave good “footprints” behind: This tour and the “Fair Trek” project support local communities in various regions in Laos. You will visit different villages and see the great landscapes, cultures, and traditions around Luang Prabang.

Trekking the Longhut trail (Lunch)
7:30 from your hotel in Luang Prabang and begin with a morning drive to a Nam Khan Riverside village named Ban Xieng Lom, a fantastic location in the middle of the countryside at the base of a huge mountain. We’ll cross the Nam Khan on a small boat to begin the hike through the jungle up to a mid-mountain Lao Theung village (Khmu).

Taking care not to disrupt the serenity of this isolated area, we can observe locals as they engage in daily tasks. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and wander around in the small village. Your guide will be happy to translate your questions. Waving our good-byes, we enter a different world of a grander scale dominated by some jungle, soaring limestone rock faces, and flourishing ferns.

Edge forward along a steep, narrow, rocky track, we ascend to our final destination, sharing the trail with passing villagers on their day’s pilgrimage to the market. After a short but steep walk, we finally arrive at the Lao Sung village (Hmong), an isolated and quaint village high in the mountains overrun by roaming livestock. The local kids are likely to give you a warm welcome with laughter and smiles.

We enjoy lunch in a local, humble home to take part in a unique encounter. Listen to the stories about the various cultures, play with the children, or ask your questions about their way of life up here. After this tranquil pause, we start our descent back through other small villages along the way. You will follow a little stream, and see villagers on their way back from markets or the fields until you reach the Nam Khan river. After a short boat ride, we’ll be back to our starting point.

The total distance is 17 km (11 mi) medium to difficult trekking usually takes 6-8 hours, depending on conditions.