3 Days Laos Hiking Tour to Plain of Jars

Plain of Jars Trekking Tour – 3 Days is specifically designed to allow you to discover the mysterious, UNESCO listed, Plain of Jars, to learn more about some of the ethnic minorities in Laos and to understand the importance that mulberries have in Lao culture.


You will be picked up at your hotel and transfer to Vientiane Wattay Airport for a Lao Airlines flight to Xieng Khouang. You will be met upon arrival at the airport and transfer to Phonsavan, the new capital city of the Xieng Khouang province to check in at your hotel. The northern province of Xieng Khouang was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War and, as soon as the plane begins to descend, you can notice how much of the province is still pockmarked with bomb craters. The original capital, Xieng Khouang, was almost totally destroyed, so the capital was moved to Phonsavan. Near Phonsavan is the mysterious Plain of Jars, now listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. These megalithic jars weigh mostly from 600kg to one ton but the biggest one weighs as much as six tons. The jars have been fashioned from solid stone, most from a tertiary conglomerate known as molasses, akin to sandstone, and a few from granite. Accommodation at the hotel.


After breakfast at the hotel we drive to, and visit the Plain of Jars (site 1 which features 250 jars weighing from 600 kg to one ton and site 2 with 90 jars), a large area extending around Phonsavan where several hundred huge jars of unknown origin are scattered about in over a dozen groupings. Several theories have been advanced as to the functions of the jars (burial urns, wine fermenters, rice storage), but there is no evidence confirming one theory over the other. However, in the 1930s, French archaeologists found ashes, stone axes, bronze ornaments and ceramics, which may have been offerings to the dead. As it is cleared of remaining Unexploded Ordnances, further archaeological investigation may bring a clue to all the unanswered questions regarding the most enigmatic site in Laos. After finishing at the site we continue to Muang Khoune, the former capital of Xieng Khouang Province, which was destroyed by heavy bombings, and visit its ancient temples.,,Return to Phonsavan for lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch there is the opportunity to visit some ethnic minorities’ villages (either Hmong, Phuan, Thai Neua, Thai Dam or Thai Lu) and a chance to observe and understand more about the daily life and traditions of these fascinating people. Accommodation at the hotel.


Following breakfast at the hotel visit the vibrant Phonsavan market where the ethnic minorities from the surrounding villages gather every morning. Drive around Phonsavan Township and take in the many views of the town and its surroundings. Visit the Lao Sericulture Company, at their silk farm and training centre and learn about, mulberries, silk and tea. In the fertile soil of Xiang Khouang province in the hills of northern Laos, the climate and soil condition enable the cultivation of the finest red and green mulberry teas. Handpicked and grown without chemicals, Mulberries Herbal Teas are naturally caffeine free with a refreshing and mild flavour and a pleasant roasted aroma.,,For hundreds of years the mulberry tree has fed the silkworms that spin silk for the beautiful traditional costumes of the Lao people. The leaves are also used by the Laotians for its traditional health-giving properties as the mulberry leaves contain many vitamins & minerals beneficial to health. Those who drink the tea have found it to be helpful in reducing their levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as diminishing arthritic pain. Through ‘Lao Sericulture’, a not-for-profit company creating income-generation for Lao people in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, these ancient traditions are being preserved and developed for an international market. After the tour lunch is at a local restaurant.,,After lunch transfer to the airport for Lao Airlines flight from Xieng Khouang (Phonsavan) Airport to Vientiane. You will be met upon arrival at Vientiane Wattay Airport and transfer to your hotel.