5 Days Northern Luang Prabang Biking Tour

Northern Luang Prabang Biking Tour – A great northern Laos soft adventure discovery tour for active people who like to bike and hike around Laos to experience the Lao nature and people. With a night on the beautiful Nam Ou river as well as a cozy home stay in a small remote village community, this tour package offers a good combination that starts and ends in Luang Prabang. On the last day we enjoy the scenic river trip down the wonderful Nam Ou and the Mekong…or, to save some cash, hopp on an adventurous ride with a public busp down the wonderful Nam Ou and the Mekong…or, to save some cash, hopp on an adventurous ride with a public bus.

Day 1: Biking into the North of Luang Prabang

We start cycling north of Luang Prabang and along the Mekong as well as the Nam Ou river with its amazing landscape. On our first day, we can explore some villages along the way as well as some great scenery. After our first cycling exploration ride into the Laotian north, we arrive in our little guest house/family stay near the Nam Ou river. Wander around the roadside village and see how people live in the countryside. Overnight in Ban Hat Pang (overnight depending on route and cycling speed) in simple accommodation. (L-D) (about 70 km)

Day 2: Biking in north Laos and river journey

Nam Ou – river tour on the second day will bring us further north into the limestone formations around Nong Khiau, where we will arrive in the late afternoon. See this nice little town the playing kids in the river and have a look around the Lao neighborhood. It remains a very small and untouched place. Night in a Guesthouse in Nong Khiau or upgrade for a night in a great local resort. (B-L) (About 70 km cycling)

Day 3: Trekking in remote villages in north Laos

With a little local boat, we head out to discover the Nam Ou and the surrounding villages. We start our two-day trekking through the Lao countryside. After a one-hour boat transfer, we begin to trek uphill and through the mountains surrounding the Muang Ngoy village to Ban Kioukhan (about 4-5 hours), a Village of the Khmu ethnic group. On the way, stop to visit Tham Kaang, North Laos, the landscape around the village former sheltering cave for local villagers during the last Indochina War (1960 – 1972) which has never been damaged with beautiful surroundings. Along the way, it is particularly picturesque of mountain views. Picnic lunch. Arrive at Kioukhan in the afternoon. Explore local people’s working and living conditions. Dinner and overnight at villagers’ homes. (B-L-D) *Routing of treks may change from season to season

Day 4: Trekking to the people of northern Laos

Breakfast at villagers’ homes. After that, we continue to trek downhill through beautiful natural surroundings to visit Ban Hadsapheai (about 4-5 hours), a small village of the Khmu ethnic group which is on the bank of Nam Ou river. After lunch, continue to take a boat ride downstream to Muang Ngoi. Between Ban Hatsaphuai and Muang Ngoi, it is thought to be one of the most beautiful views of the Nam Ou river with rock cliffs and rock formations rising dramatically above the rain forest. Lunch at a local restaurant in Muang Ngoi. Afternoon for relaxing in the beautiful setting. Bungalow or Guesthouse in Muang Ngoi. (B-L) *Routing of treks may change from season to season

Day 5: Back into civilization and return to Luang Prabang

On the Nam Ou north of Luang PrabangAfter our breakfast we make an early start downstream on the Nam Ou river towards our starting point. We follow the river in a small local motorboat that will bring us to Luang Prabang within 7-8 hrs. If you wish to arrive earlier we have to choose a road transfer which is less exciting but at least 4 hrs of saved time. (B)

A: You can choose to travel back with a private cruise boat ) ( Cost more about 200 USD )
B: Choose public transportation with a local bus back to Luang Prabang (saves you money)